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LPG Cylinder Production Trimming Cleaning Machine 7.5kW Main Motor Power
  • LPG Cylinder Production Trimming Cleaning Machine 7.5kW Main Motor Power

LPG Cylinder Production Trimming Cleaning Machine 7.5kW Main Motor Power

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name OEM
Certification CE ISO
Product Details
Product Name:
LPG Cylinder Trimming And Beading Machine
Max. Work Pc Height:
400 Mm
Min. Work Pc Height:
200 Mm
Spindle Speed:
140 Rpm
Main Motor Power:
7.5 KW
Hydraulic Drive Motor Power:
4 KW
High Light: 

LPG Cylinder Production Trimming Cleaning Machine


LPG Cylinder Production Machine 7.5kW


Trimming Cleaning LPG Cylinder Machine

Product Description

LPG Cylinder Production Trimming Cleaning Machine 7.5 KW Main Motor Power


Environmental sustainability is an important consideration when using an LPG trimming and beading machine. Manufacturers must comply with environmental regulations and implement sustainable practices to minimize the impact of their operations on the environment.


Another important aspect to consider when using an LPG trimming and beading machine is safety. The machine can pose risks to workers if not operated and maintained properly.

To ensure worker safety, manufacturers must provide proper training on the use of the machine, as well as safety equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses. Additionally, the machine should be equipped with safety features, such as emergency stops and guards, to prevent accidents.

(Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

Max. work pc diameter 350 mm
Max. work pc height 400 mm
Min. work pc height 200 mm
Max. material thickness 4 mm
Spindle speed 140 rpm
Main motor power 7.5 kW
Hydraulic drive motor power 4 kW
Hydraulic pressure 200 bar



What Service Do We Provide?

Pre-sales Service: Customized design of the overall production line scheme according to customer site, environment, output, budget, and product requirements
On-sale Service: Tracking the manufacturing progress of the whole line of equipment, quality control, product proofing and trial production
After-Sales Service: Equipment installation, testing, training, project acceptance
Maintenance Service: Regular inspection and maintenance of the entire line, providing genuine accessories, 24-hour online service



Q: What size of LPG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 6kg, 12kg,15kgs and 50kgs LPG cylinder for cooking and other size according customers' requirement.

Q: Can you design machines according LPG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.

Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing

We need to know following information to quote you correct machines:
1. Technical Drawing of the cylinders you want to make?
2. What size of cylinder you want to produce?(such as 6kg, 12kg)
3. What diameter and thickness of the cylinder you want to make?
4. Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
5. Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?


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